Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on earth. And GOD has certainly made beautiful arrangements for us to celebrate them on earth. An Indian wedding is a bond not only between two individual souls but also between two families.

We, at Crazy Beats have a custom of treating the whole family, royally. Moreover our pioneering style of marriage songs which have a pinch of hindi (wedding) songs amidst the traditional numbers is much appreciated by all communities of Gujarat. Having witnessed almost 5000 plus marriages during the past decade, we know the importance of timing songs and relevant speech during each rituals of a wedding.

Our group of 12 artists including 3 chorus singers, 1 Female lead singer Nita Parikh, 1 Male singer Musa Paik, 7 musicians and sound system will definitely make you enjoy the real fun of attending an Indian Wedding.



Crazy Beats has a popular track of providing heart throbbing and foot tapping music to the Garba lovers of Gujarat. Our diverse (3 way) sound outputs of base, mid and highs have compelled millions of feet to dance all the night through. Our multi talented musicians perform tirelessly for all 10 days with traditional & latest instruments like Rotto Drum Set, Kutchhi Dhol, Octopad, Synthesizer, and Bass & Electric Guitar etc.

As for Garba Shows during family functions, we provide a full group consisting of 10 artists including 4 singers (2 male, 2 female) and 6 musicians. Besides performing the traditional Gujarati Garba, Duha Chhand etc., we spice up your evening with famous and catchy hindi songs amidst the dance round. We can also add your family program (Parody, Fusion, Skit etc.) of 20-25 min in between two rounds if you so wish.

In short we are committed to deliver scintillating performance to suit the need of the hour.


Crazy Beats not only perform songs as per our customers’ desires, but we also yearn to add more glitter to your event by doing things differently. Apart from dishing out soothing and scintillating music to your esteemed guests, we can incorporate other aspects of entertainment too

We can also include traditional and western dance performances by professional dance group of boys & girls. As for the songs, our artillery is full of Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi songs, movie hits, old melodies as well as latest Bollywood hits.



Sangeet Sandhiya is a beautiful romantic evening programme which happens a day before marriage. In this show beautiful romantic old melodies, new hindi & gujrati songs are sung by  reputed singers and it also includes mimicry artist for better entertainment.

We will make your evening one of the most  memorable evening of your life.

1. dholida pankhida
2. kukdo bole
3. aavta jata
4. tara namni
5. radha shyam rame raas
6. taal 2001
7. anand
8. janjar jankar
9. gori gori
10. lagan no mandvo
11. hits of qawali
12. o albeli (first time ever 73 mins non-stop raas garba) (latest album).
13. Maro Sonano
14. Mehandi No Rang
15. Jhanjar Jhankar
16. Gori Re Gori
dholida pankhida
dholida pankhida
kukdo bole
aavta jata
tara namni
radha shyam rame raas
radha shyam rame raas
taal 2001
lagan no mandvo
dholida pankhida
hits of qawali
o albeli
Maro Sonano
dholida pankhida
Mehandi No Rang
Jhanjar Jhankar
Gori Re Gori