Crazy Beats comprises of talented musicians led by Musa Paik & Neeta Parikh. The group is very famous for their innovative songs for Navaratri. The band was formed in 1984 with their first Navaratri festival at Parekh Nagar, Kandivali. From then on there was no looking back. They received tremendous response when they performed in New York, Dubai, China, etc..

Crazy Beats also has released around 20 albums out of which 'Dholida Pankhida', their debut album and 'Kukdo Bole' has been the best sellers. The band takes up any type of event when it comes to pure entertainment.

about us
about us     

Musa paik, the founder of Crazy Beats, one of the most famous Gujarati orchestra not only in India but all over world and the garba pioneer in it is the man who clearly needs no introduction is  MUSA PAIK  himself, one can say "Crazy Beats means Musa Paik and Musa Paik means Crazy Beats." He is the most famous personality in Gujarati music industry, not only famous but also the one person who has sang the infinity number of Gujarati songs which each and every Gujarati family in aware of.

Till date be it anywhere around the world no garba pro gramme is finished without his Melodious Garba Songs. He is such gifted singer that when he sings "Lok geet". People would consider him as "Folk Singer". When he sings "Sugam  Songs" one would think him of Semi Classical singer, which always leads one to think about how his notes struck the heart that he blends easily in whatever he sings.

One of his most pioneer act is his qawali "CHADHTA SURAJ DHEERE DHEERE DHALTA HAI DH AL JAYE GA................." people get spellbound when he sings this flawlessly its like second star to his identity. Not only he has vast range of songs for his fans but as lo he has same amount of capacity to sing throughout from first garba song to last in his garba program which brigs stream of energy to garba fans, garba dancers and people who come to watch him sing all night long........

No doubt he is the most famous and unforgettable person in his genere and to people who know him around the world...


It wont be false statement when you say Musa Paik is heart of Crazy Beats then Neeta Parikh is eyes and ears of Crazy Beats. She is been singing since her childhood days , and most talented female having knowledge of Classical as well as Semi Classical, Folk, etc..

In short you can say complete package of versatility and not only she is been singing in Gujarati but has given playback melodies in many other languages and has won many awards in Gujarati cultural societies as well. She is been singing in crazy beats since 15 years now and since then crazy beats was studded with seven stars. She has an immense knowledge about songs not matter be it old, new or any other by her years and years of singing.. and has a huge amount of her personal fan following too.

     about us

To hear Musa Paik and Neeta Parikh sing together is a treat to watch which is an experience of life time in itself together they bring that magic in the air and in everyone heart which is no longer heard anymore.....

Not only they have done live shows but also performed in ETV Gujarati for shared poonam  for 3 years in a row and navratri program in sanskar channel which aired live.

Altogether one can say Musa Paik and Neeta Parikh are Golden Celebrity in Golden Era or Gurjar Gujarat.